Inspired Living

Healthy vs. Unhealthy Shame

Episode Summary

This is the official relaunch of the newly re-branded podcast, Inspired Living, previously the Rock Your Awesome Show with Dr. Horn! Episode 1, Healthy vs. Unhealthy Shame, has been the second most popular show to date. This topic is near and dear to me. I was introduced to the subject of Shame Psychology in the 90’s, wrote my dissertation on shame and have been conducting workshops and seminars on the subject ever since. We begin this episode with a shame-free discussion on the definition of health vs. unhealthy shame. Bottom line...we are Perfectly Imperfect and all in this journey together! This show is dedicated to TOI Magazine an international, print and digital, mental health and lifestyle magazine which features articles of wisdom, real-life tribulation, beauty and everything in between that involves YOU! TOI was made with the intention on distributing subjects of substance and life to each reader. I've been beyond honored to partner with TOI with my monthly column, Connecting the Dots with Dr. Shawn Horn. You can find the magazine at or on social media @toimagazine

Episode Notes

Healthy Shame-Is the message, "When you make a just made a mistake." It is focused on behavior, circumstances, etc. This shame is healthy for us as it helps us develop our consciousness and correct areas in our lives that need correction.
Unhealthy Shame-Is the message, "When you make a mistake....YOU are a mistake." This is a statement of identity and has been found to be at the core of most of our emotional and behavioral difficulties. Toxic Shame's message is deceptive. We need to heal from the paralysis of shame in our lives in order to fully become the person we were designed to be....Not the person we were programed to be, but designed to be! We introduce this topic and new philosophies to help us live a masterful life. It is one thing to have the knowledge, but we also need to be equipped with tools and resources so we can apply our new understanding masterfully to our daily lives. Dr. Horn brings her expertise as a Licensed Clinical Psychologist to the listeners so they too can benefit from the wisdom of the therapy room.
Disclaimer: The information offered on this podcast is not, nor is it intended to be, therapy or psychological advice, nor does it constitute a therapist/client relationship. please consult with a mental health provider for individual advice regarding your own personal health and wellbeing or call 1-800-950-NAMI for resources and support.